Bacteria Problem

Pathogenic bacteria attach and grow on virtually every surface. The buildup of bacteria known as biofilms cause health hazards and operational issues. This is espcially true for small channels or complex geometries because it is nearly impossible to disinfect these small spaces.

Optical Waters Solution

Our patent-pending optical fibers emit germicidal ultraviolet light along their entire length, like a glowstick. Fully integratable, these fibers are stable in water and can be inserted into complex geometries and narrow-diameter channels, piping or tubing. 


UV-C is one of three types of ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by the sun and widely used for disinfection of air, water and surfaces. 


The Optical Waters Performance Advantage

UV Side Emitting

Our patented technique allows UV-C light to be launched on one end of the optical fiber and then distributed controllably along its entire length. 

UV-C Disinfection

The main limitation of UV-C disinfection is the need to inactivate bacteria through direct exposure. Our engineered germicidal optical fibers increase the area of UV-C light emission by >100x.

Integratable, Customizable

Our flexible fibers extend the use of UV-C to completely new applications by controlloing the scattering of light. Endless design possibilities to meet your specifications.

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