Germicidal fibers that glow ultraviolet

Disinfecting small spaces and complex geometries for a healthier tomorrow

Our Mission


Every year bacteria buildup in pipes, channels and tubing leading to infections, we develop new ways to ensure bacteria can't do that. 

Safe Technology

We fabricate all our products using UV-C LEDs to disinfect without the use of chemicals or Mercury lamps.  

High Value Product

Years of research allow us to design high performance long term disinfection solutions for medical, commercial, residential and laboratory applications. 

About Us


Optical Waters LLC is woman-owned seed staged business based in Massachusetts. We offer custom ultraviolet optical fiber solutions for disinfecting small channels and complex geometries. Our expert team provides integral disinfection solutions so companies can deliver clean and safe products to their end users.


Our Technology

Our patent-pending optical fibers emit germicidal ultraviolet light along their entire length, like a glowstick, inactivating microorganisms in its vicinity. Fully integratable, our germicidal optical fiber are stable in water and can be inserted into complex geometries and narrow-diameter channels such as piping or tubing.

Chemical Free

We disinfect with Mercury-free UV-C LEDs so there is no chemical residues or surface damage after disinfection.


Until our germicidal optical fibers were created, it was nearly impossible to distribute UV light through the insides of pipes, channels and airways.

Long Term Solution

Unlike other antibacterial solutions that last for days to weeks, our germicidal fibers can keep disinfecting for years. 

Endless Applications


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